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Coronation Streets 'Becky' aka Katherine Kelly tells us why she’s pationate about being a H.A.W.C.S. patron.


HAWCS | Habitat and Wildlife Conservation Society

It’s all too easy to see something that we don’t like and turn a blind eye, either pretending that it didn’t happen or to conclude that someone else will fix the problem, or possibly because the task ahead seems so enormous that it’s easier to do nothing. One lady who isn’t daunted by such an undertaking is local businesswoman Sharen McBride.

After visiting Indonesia, Sharen, so moved by the animal cruelty she witnessed there, that on her return she enrolled at Salford University studying a degree in Animal Conservation and Zoo Biology. Degree completed Sharen then took on the mammoth task of setting up HAWCS (Habitat and Wildlife Conservation Society), a charity whose aim seems so enormous that it’s hard to believe that one lady started it all. Earlier this week Coronation Street’s Katherine Kelly, HAWCS patron, told us why she’s behind Sharen every step of the way.

Katherine kelly Interview

Can you tell us a little about HAWKS?
Yes, it’s a small charity in its infancy. And I am delighted to have been involved from the start. Its mission statement is huge and ambitious, but we are taking things one-step at a time. It’s about habitat preservation and literally, trying to save our beautiful earth. I’m particularly interested in the educational focus, both here and overseas.

Of course education is the key to all change. HAWCS aims to educate people in Sumatra about the rich qualities the endangered species have that are currently threatened, including the Sumatran Sun Bear which are hunted in belief that their gall bladders contain medicinal qualities and The Hairy Nosed Otter, which until 1998 was though to be extinct.

What made you want to get involved?
Sharen is one of the most selfless, inspiring people I have ever met. She is passionate about this brand new charity. And I love that she gets her hands dirty. My time is very limited at the moment due to work commitments but when she told me about her goals I felt moved to support her plight in whatever way I can.

It’s a cruel world and don’t we just know it

I was actually at the HAWCS launch event last year; some of the images of animal cruelty were shocking to say the least, what was your personal reaction to them? Sickened, of course. It’s a cruel world and don’t we just know it. Who wouldn’t want to do their bit to stop it?

Having seen these images were they a catalyst for your continued support of HAWCS?
Sadly, as shocking as these images are, they come as no surprise to anyone. We know this goes on. It just reminds us that we have to do something if we possibly can. Even if that just means reading the website or donating a fiver. Sharen is the catalyst for me - I call her a “Jungle Warrior!”

On the 9th July you’ll be hosting a fund raising event at Samuel Plats in Manchester, what can we expect at the event?
A fun, informal fundraiser. Come along. You will be welcome with open arms, dig deep and feel good about yourself!! They’ll be live music so bring your dancing shoes; it’s a perfect excuse for a fabulous night out.

Can we expect to see any fellow Corrie residents there?
I can’t speak for anyone else but I will be there with bells on.

How can people get involved and how can I get my hands on some tickets?
You can become a member of HAWCS via their website; HAWCS.co.uk , you can also make a one off donation there and join their facebook group for updates to all their future events (http://on.fb.me/miP0dS) . You can buy tickets directly from Samuel Platts.

We obviously couldn’t speak to you without asking about the force of nature that is Becky McDonald. You are responsible for my favorite line ever in a soap; ‘talk to the sledge hammer.’ I am of course referring to your recent attack on the Barlow’s house, although a very dramatic scene it looked like a lot of fun to do?
Who wouldn’t enjoy smashing Tracy Barlow’s front room!

How many front doors did you have to smash or was in done in one take?
I think we went through about 8!

You’ve had just a few scrapes on Corrie, have any of them ever gone wrong and you’ve ended up with a black eye for our entertainment? 
I’m always black and blue from them. I bruise like a peach!

Have you got your eye on anything to take as a souvenir?
My Becky necklace of course!

And finally... as we are Manchester Gossip can you leave us with a juicy piece of gossip fresh from the set of Weatherfield?
We also shot a scene when I said “Here’s Becky” instead of ‘Talk to the sledgehammer” so the producer could decide in the edit. So I watched along with the nation to see which they decided worked best! I agree with the choice! Sounds like you do too Mike!

The HAWCS Red Carpet Fundraiser


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