Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Straight Acting

Straight Acting.

Is it just me or is the term ‘straight acting’ taking over the gay community? Having a little nosy on Gaydar, just to pass some time whilst I’m down here in the obis, otherwise known as the Falklands, I couldn’t help but notice every other profile stated that the person’s perfect partner would be ‘straight acting.’
I understand that we all have our own likes and dislikes including the types of men we find attractive, but this particular phrase really gets on my moobs. It infuriates me more than the talentless tit Holly Wiloughby presenting This Morning. She has ruined that show for me.

My reason is this: if it weren’t for the camp and slightly eccentric men of days gone by who marched for our rites as gay men, we would all still be visiting under ground bars and leading double lives (just like they still do in the Middle East). In my opinion these brave souls were real men, they were arrested for simply falling in love, harassed every day by the police, ‘outed’ in the press and segregated from the rest of society who deemed them sinful sodomisers.

Without discrimination laws to protect our previous friends of Dorothy, they lost their jobs with no union to protect or defend them as soon as their employers had a hint of their sexuality. If you’d like to know exactly what I am talking about, and why I would never buy a copy of the Daily Mail, I recommend you watch the very moving and informative movie Milk and the Channel 4 docudrama A Very British Sex Scandal, which you can watch either on YouTube or 4OD.  

So next time you write on your profile that you’re looking for straight acting males, ask yourself if you have the balls to stand up and look diversity in the face and challenge it head on. And remember this, Gaydar, GayTimes, Attitude, and all the other gay blogs and publications out there would not exist if it weren’t for our very camp and very brave predecessors.  Nor would you be able to be so open as to post on a website that your perfect man is a straight acting bear who is into glory holes, fisting and anal bleaching.

Now excuse me whilst I go and iron my white vest top and sequin pants whilst I dance around to Girls Aloud and sip a gin and tonic before I mince into town embracing my inner campness and dance atrociously on a podium at a club of my choice. 

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