Thursday, 27 May 2010

About Mikie

As some of you know, is about to get a make over. Here is a little sneak preview of the about mikie section of the site. I also want your sugesstions as to what you'd like to see on the new site so please leave your comments below. Just incase you're wondering who is in the photo with me, it's my sister.

In 1985 a child was born with bigger lungs than Dame Shirley Bassey and with equal horrendous dress sense. Struggling to grow up as a queen – drama queen that is – Mikie needed a creative outlet. Attending the same drama class as the 90’s Coronation Street kids, Mikie was sure he’d become a star. However, after a brief stint appearing in appalling ITV show The Grimleys and then Cold Feet, Mikie realised that he had enough drama in his own life without creating more on screen.

Turning his back on the theatre Mikie went on to become a sales assistant in Manchester’s very own gay beauty salon. After a few skin peels and a bit of Botox himself, he soon realised his skin was too good to be kept confined in Manchester so took to the skies as a Trolley Dolly. With more mince than Sainsbury’s, Mikie worked his magic up and down the aisle serving tea and coffee for British Airways, FlyGlobespan and AirAtlanta. Whilst travelling to glamorous destinations such as New York, Toronto, Cape Town and *ahem* Chad, he made a quick 9 month stop over in Cyprus where he earned his keep as a distinctly average hotel singer.

After studying English, Drama and Performance at Salford University he now works as a freelance writer and alternative agony aunt for whilst also writing his first novel ‘Growing up a Queen.’ Now settled back into Manchester, after several restraining orders that prevent him from going south of Birmingham, Mikie spends his spare time watching Victoria Wood repeats, avoiding the gym and boasting about his praise from Sara Cox, Boy George, Eamonn Holmes, Pam Ann and his all time favourite, Dr Christian from Channel4’s Embarrassing Bodies.

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