Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Living On Line....

Or more specifically, I’m living on Twitter. In the last month that I have been a fully fledged member of this site I have become more and more addicted. It’s the first thing I do in the morning and last thing I do at night as well as checking it every ten minutes throughout the day as well.

I’ve seen umpteen amounts of shows with celebrities saying why would you want to know what people are doing all day everyday? A month ago I would have completely agreed with them. However, I now find it completely fascinating when @DameCrusty Gusset tells me she’s been violated by a women wearing a see through nightie with a g-string stuck up her backside in Tesco, or when @naturalgaymen decides to post more pictures of his slightly limp and bent cock. You see there’s something for every one.

Maybe it’s part of the blurring of reality and showbiz worlds that I like. Just the other day I told @EamonnHommes he looked particularly rough whilst presenting Sun Rise on Sky1 and to my surprise messaged me back and said he liked my blog. Equally I have to admit I had a little thrill when the one and only Boy George (am I name dropping?) tweeted that my blogs are legendary. I was however, less thrilled to see @chrismoore19 had just shat himself whilst waiting for the 19 bus, but you’ve got to take the rough with the poo I suppose.

An application that I’ve not been to fond of is Grindr. For all you gay men with iphones out there it’s like Gaydar but shows you the people nearest to you, kind of like a satnav for fucks. The concept is a fantastic idea and after a few glasses of wine if you’re feeling a bit horny just can send cock pics back and forth to your hearts content to LickMe, who is living 5km away, is 28 years old and has a tattoo of the words ‘break glass here’ tattooed just about his anus, classy!

Although this a lovely time and no doubt harmless fun, the problem of these people living so close is that I don’t want to be getting on the bus and waiting for my change for a Day Saver from a driver who’s seen my throbbing membrane the night before, not that it’s happened to me of course, it was ermmm… a friend of mine!

So my advice is this, get yourself on Twitter immediately and follow me, maybe more importantly if you look to the left of this blog, click follow and become a fan, and if you’re ever feeling a little horny at night time send me your pics. I love nothing more than gathering around with my friends on a Friday night and rating a plethora of cocks out of ten.


Dame Crusty Gusset said...

Mikie, you delicious creature you, you gave one's heart a flutter at your mention.

The world of Twitter is a wonderful thing and you certainly seem to have received an eye full since sticking your toe in.

It certainly brings the world closer together and allows celebrities (if indeed there are such creatures) to interact with the people who have provided them with their opportunities. The gorgeous Boy George and others are wonderfully interactive in this way but there are others who sadly are not. But let us not waste are typlings on such people.

One certainly likes the idea of in your last paragraph; one must always have a hobby.

love, joy and laughter
Crusty xxx

Anonymous said...

your so full of shite mike, a mincing trolley dolly that no one likes, so you slag other people off as your not man enough to do it to there face, be brave and do it instead of being a coward and typing stuff about mates on here

Scotty Boy said...

Mikie, don't worry about the negative "Anonymous" post, someone who has to hide is obviously quite 2 faced! Can't see where you have mentioned any names, but if you have I am sure if they are "friends" then they will know you, your humour and the tone you have used!

Oh, and Anonymous can not spell either, so case in point I feel!

Anonymous said...

Loving the blog & the tweets from you x