Friday, 11 December 2009

Shampoo Called Revenge

I'm not one to hold a grudge, if someone wrongs me, as in the case of most of my ex boyfreiends, I normally hate them for a whilse, cry and drink lots of rose winr before generally moving on and not giving them another thought.

It has come to my attention however that some people just can't do that; justice has to be done and the only way for justice is revenge. Listening to my friends, revenge is best served on a silver platter with a carving knife.

Although I myself am not completely innocent when it comes to getting even; I'm often reminded of a drunken rampage when I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me (much worse than me cheating on him in Cape Town, but that's a different story) and shouting, 'I'm going to put cockroaches throught his letterbox.' Not only that but I did also leave his front door open in the hope his three shitty smelling dogs would fuck off and rehome themselves, they didn't.

I've heard lots of revenge stories, some funny, others dam right crewl, like the lad who taped him and his boyfriend at it, only to send it to his wife, his kids must have been messed up for life. My favourate revenge story once again comes from another trolley dolly friend; infact I think he should be given an award for creativity. Whilst his fella was playing away from home he got a shampoo bottle, emptied half the contents and filled it up with a well known brand of hair removal gel. You can imagine the result after a few wash and goes.

Before any of you get carried away I must warn you that I don't condone this behaviour, however, if you do take part in a little revenge message us the story as we could do with a laugh.

Now before I pack my bag and jet off towards another glamourous destination I must give a special mention to the Chinese pensioner who was arrested last week for dancing on her husband's grave and singing,' Who's sorry now.'

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