Saturday, 13 February 2010

Shag Who You Want But Leave the Sausage Rolls For Me

Enjoying a leisurely drink with my trolley dolley friends round a pool in the arse end of the world the conversation soon turned to cheating partners.

I myself have been cheated on, shocking I know, who wouldn't want to be with me? Gorgeous, down to earth and low maintenance. But what can I say; it happens to the best of us. I was cheated on for months before I found out the good for nothing, ugly twatted dried up spunk stain (not bitter at all), had already begun planning setting up house with his bit on the side.

Obviously in this circumstance my ex hadn't just shagged someone else and that was it, he'd formed an emotional bond, having his cake and eating it, actually after bumping into him last month I'd say he's ate the whole bakery (again not bitter).

What I'm getting at is this; is it possible to forgive infidelity as long as it is just a shag? Does it become impossible to forgive if they go back for seconds, or worse if they go back for drinks and snacks?

Brushing aside the likes of swingers, I'm very open minded, I just think they're greedy sluts, is it fine to have sex outside the relationship as long as no emotional bonds are made?

Sitting around the pool some strong opinions are vented; personally I just think the dirty dicks should keep it in their pants, however, I was strongly disagreed with by my senior who simply stated, 'let him shag who he wants as long as he doesn't go back for canopies.' As wonderful as she is, the night before she did come out with the comment 'I'm going to ride him like Sea Biscuit darling,' so you could argue she's more liberal than me.

So what is correct, am I just a norrow minded prude? Perhaps I should just take myself to the nearest gay sauna and try and broaden my horrizons. On second thoughts you don't know what you might catch; I hear varuccas are rife.


Nickers said...

"I'm going to ride him like Sea Biscuit" is going to be in my head for weeks now. I guess I am lucky that I haven't been cheated on or have cheated. However, when you mutually decide in a relationship that having sex with another is OK so long as you don't go back, I can say that is a mature decision in a secure emotional relationship.

RV Birds of a Feather said...

Well darling, it happens to all of us. Perhaps a three-some is called for. Why let him have all the fun alone...


Lorna Byrne said...

Have to say I agree with you, and if my hubby ever even once shagged someone else, that'd be us finished. Once the trust is broken in any relationship, it can't be regained totally. But different strokes for different folks. Some would be okay with a once-off shag as long as it wasn't repeated. Whatever the couple feel comfortable with I guess. Great post by the way, but then they all are :)