Monday, 28 September 2009

Hommo Hobbies

You know the type of person I mean, the stereotyped anorak waering, spotty sad loner freaks who choose to spend their spare time with a pair of binoculars stuck to their hands. Spending their Sunday mornings out in the cold watching tains instead of curled upin bed watching Hollyoaks on T4. Thinking about it, isn't it us that are the real geeks?

First of all put that stereotyped image to one side. My first boyfriend who I went out with for 19 months was a train fanatic. He was drop dead gorgeous and huge, in every sense of the word ;) He often dragged me kicking and screaming to the National Railway museum just ten minutes from where we used to live in York. He was so passionate about all the old steam trains and the Old Royal Carriage which his grandfather had helped to build. His parents' house was full of model trains and even a train telephone (this is wear I'm drawing the line. It was, you could say. his hobby.

Thinking about my hobbies, the dictionary definition is 'activity pursued in ones spare time.' The only thing I could think of doing on a regular basis is getting pissed.

Does going down Canal Street all dressed up at 9 o' clock on a Saturday night, being hammered by 11, falling out of a club at 4 with WKD stains all over your clothes, and then spending all of Sunday in bed nursing a hangover with a packed of painkillers count as a hobby?

Wasting our days off,not using our brains, not socialising in a mature manner with an intellectual conversation, are we the real geeks?

Here's a list of Handbags and Botox top five hobbies, at first they may seem boring but read on to discover the twist.

5. Doll Collecting. That's right people actually collect these hideous china dolls. Why not turn that doll into your very own voodoo doll? Just had a lock of your ex boyfriends hair.

4. Hiking. Not as boring as one may think. Early on a misty Sunday morning walking your dog accross the moors, you cross the path of a tall handsome stranger. Perfect for the outdoors type.

3. Fishing. Hours upon hours waiting for a bit. Try a change of venus and head for the Manchester Ship Canal. Set up camp on Canal Street and it may not only be the fish biting at your rod.

2. Model Making. Spending hours sticking together model airplanes and boats requires the patience of a saint. Get good enough though and it will not be long before you're making your own little model airplane, complete with engines and remote control. Now add a camera and a purfect spy device to check up on your boyfriend, start now and you may be finished in 2015.

1. Stamp Collecting. How could this possible be number one? Cheaper than many other hobbies with stamps costing 52p, with the added thrill every morning without the need to change your sheets when the postman comes. Collect enough and you could have the whole Royal Family sitting in your front room. And who else can say they've licked the queen more times than you......

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